Sunday, 4 March 2007


Here I am writing my first blog post. I have umm-ed and aah-ed about this since the first time I stumbled upon a craft blog. I was doing a google search for tips on sewing with oilcloth when I found The Complete Adventures of Violet and Rose . This is quite amusing because Jo is actually a friend of a friend and lives in my old street. To think we lived in the same street for four years and never met. Since then, I have spent much time reading about other like-minded people. It has been wonderful.

With each new project I completed, I contemplated how I would write it up in my blog, if I actually had one. I even started seeing my life through my imaginery blog.... oh dear.

Since making the decision to create my own blog it has taken me a little longer than I had hoped to actually get it going, for one simple reason; what do I call my blog. Did anyone else have the same problem? Well last night it hit me! I have always thought of my home as my nest and I do enjoying "nesting". Never a thing confined to pregnancy for me. If I am making my nest then the next question is what bird would I be. Well, colour is one of the most important aspects of my life. It is the foundation in both of my businesses and it really does shape almost everything I do. And my favourite colour is blue (followed closely by green, yellow, pink, red and lots of others) so a bluebird it was. Next,to make sure there was no other bluebirds out there making their nests I did a search on google. The only result was the poem on the right. How perfect. Our house is built in what used to be an old apple orchard. Well that was it and here I am. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey as much as I have enjoyed sharing yours.


Violet & Rose said...

You did it! Thanks for now ensuring I have ANOTHER blog to read! Because I will be reading very keenly.

justine said...

yay! welcome. yes amitie is fine. shoot me an email when you have the button up :)