Saturday, 7 April 2007


As soon as I heard about this Colour Week by Julie,I was itching to be a part of it. Before creating my blog I have loved looking at other people's colour posts. I have just been waiting for one to come along.

The problem I have discovered with colour week is that I have realised how crap my camera is at capturing true colour..ahhh. Never mind, I have done my best and thoroughly enjoyed Day One.

Day One: Turquoise
Oh how I love this colour. It is just so rich, never out of fashion.

Antique decanter and glasses setting from Venice

Wallpaper samples. Turquoise and brown - these colours together are divine

Wallpaper turned into gift tags

Just because I am totally getting carried away. A pencil pack from Officeworks(could you believe). Yet to be inspiration for my computer work area.

This post is actually day early as we have a busy busy day on Monday.


julie said...

thanks so much Tamara for taking part - your venitian glasses are devine!!

rhembein said...

LOVE that decanter set too! Such pretty colours you have! Neat idea, the colour themed posts!