Monday, 9 April 2007


This summer my husband bought a boat. He has wanted a boat to sail since before I met him (14 years ago). Finally it has happened. It's very modest, just a little one-man sabre. This weekend we took the boat for our first sail. It is wonderful to see him enjoying something he has waited so long for. He is a very self-less man when it comes to our family.

It was a beautiful autumn day. A gentle breeze. The soft Autumn sun. It has lost all of it's summer intensity now. The bay was just stunning, you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.

Off and away


Enjoy your boat my man - you deserve it!


mariannealice said...

lovely words - lovely photos! Happy sailing to your man....

h&b said...

Loving the last picture best - where were these taken ?

Tamara said...

The pictures were at Half Moon Bay where my hubby has been doing his sailing course. A beautiful, protected beach. Slightly awkward to get to but worth the effort.

miss marzie said...

what a fantastic way to unwind - great photos