Saturday, 21 April 2007


Last week Cathy and I had a "showing" of our ranges at a customer's house. We are not sure what to call it but basically our customer invited girlfriends around for cake and coffee, we set up our things and they shopped.

It was good. We certainly sold things, but was good enough for the effort? I don't know. Any of you bloggers out there who sell your wares know exactly the same quandary we are in. Where and how do we sell? Cathy and I are both fortunate enough to have retailers who take our product. But as they want double the prices for a 50% margin it doesn't leave as much profit for us.

I have done a school market night with Jo, I have done kinder fundraisers and ebay and now this. The jury is still out on the best method. The plan is to set up a shop on a separate blog so that I can direct people to buy online. Please please share your thoughts on all of this.

Anyways, it was a good day, our host was lovely. It is all part of the learning or griss for the mill as they say.


evashouse said...

Hi! Lovely blog, and lovely children! Isn't that nice to find someone who does the same things in the other side of the planet?
Nice to meet you! Eva

Jo said...

Hi just found your blog. Love the cute ribbons. I wish I had some good suggestions for you with regard to selling them, but sadly I don't. I'm sure you will do really well as they are very sweet.

Joanna said...

Hi, Good luck with your new adventure!! Have you made any decisions about how you are going to sell your I would love to make a purchase!
Cheers, Jo

Belinda said...

Hi there,

I found you via applehead. Love your display using the teacups, so sweet! I would say try setting up a shop attached to your blog. You could even think of moving to typepad which would make things a little easier. I think your bows are gorgeous and I would definitely be interested in buying some.

Belinda said...

I've been thinking about your little business and had a thought. Have you ever thought of making ribbon laynards for mums. I see a lot of mum's at school with them around their necks and they are always so daggy. It could be something else you could add to your product line which still relates to ribbons. You would just need to source the metal clip at the end.

Jo said...

Hello, I love your bows and have enjoyed reading your blog. Have you thought about selling via Etsy? It's cheaper than Ebay and easy to use, or via your blog. I would certainly buy some for my little girl.
Jo ( French Knots)

little women said...

Is it possible to set up a "stall" in your local shopping mall - like the ones that sell socks in our local one. You could both sell your wares. I think that as long as you are a registered business, you may have some luck.
Also have you considered camberwell market- It is a sunday market.