Wednesday, 25 April 2007


A few weeks ago I posted a photo of this bedspread that I picked up at an op-shop. I asked my blogging friends for some ideas of what to do with it and offered a piece of the spread to the winning suggestion. Well, the winner is........ Jade.

Whilst I didn't follow Jade's suggestion completely it did take my mind to the kitchen. A place my mind often likes to wonder, except come five o'clock each afternoon. Oh how I loathe the decision of what to cook for dinner each night. I do love to cook but find that I get a serious mental block at that time of the day. Well, Jade's suggestion was some cafe curtains or an oven mitt. The curtains don't suit my window and I use only one beloved oven mitt that my mum bought me from Anthropologie. So I made an apron.

You will see that this was very much a cheat's apron as I used the gathers from the bedspread for the skirt. Yep, I just cut out the fabric gathers and all. I sewed the tie on top of the bodice for around the waist and a couple of buttonholes at the top for neck strap. Here I sewed a strip of fabric and knotted it through the buttonholes. This feature makes it very easy to adjust.

Anyways I feel very housewifey in this apron, almost housewifey enough to actually think about dinner a little earlier than five o'clock. Tonight I treated my family to lovely lamb fillets.

Thanks Jade for the inspiration, your package is coming.


Megan said...

That apron is the cutest, what a clever idea.

ingrid said...

This looks great! And I always love a cheats and tips when it comes to whipping up things quickly, what a clever way of doing it!

dizzyjadey said...

Hooray! Its gorgeous! And I'm quite taken by the way you designed the neckline. Thanks in advance for the fabric! My snail mail address should be in your inbox shortly :-)

Violet & Rose said...

I can just see you buzzing around your gorgeous kitchen in it. Very pretty!

Flibbertygibbet said...

Fabulous! Very Cath Kidston.

Meg said...

What a pretty apron. I like to make aprons. You have inspired me to create something from my stash. Thanks for the idea. Dolly Dilettante