Saturday, 12 May 2007


Well I have been spoilt, very spoilt by love this weekend. Mother's Day often becomes Mother's weekend in this house so I have had dinner cooked, cups of tea, child-free sewing time and lots of kisses and cuddles. We had a beautiful breakfast this morning at my favourite cafe with smoked salmon, rocket and poached eggs served with hollandaise on sourdough and the most delicious bircher muesli with berry compote. Oh the food there, it is so so good.
We have had great plays in the park and to top it all off, hubby is cooking his great risotto for his mother and us tonight.

Just to brag, I must share some of my presents:
I got six cards (pretty good considering I only have three children) one with this special poem.

M y mama is the best
O ld
T he best mama is my mama
H appy Mothers Day
E lla
R eally good
(I do love the old bit,just as well I can laugh)

Three pieces of pottery, including this special one from Kate.

This beautiful orchid

A rain check on a thread spool organiser, the wooden kind, and lots of other goodies from the mother's day stall at school and such.

This is my first Mother's Day since my mum moved overseas, which would be very sad, if she weren't visiting us in two weeks. We can't wait to have her here. We love you and miss you mum. You are the most wonderful role model I could have ever asked for.

I feel very loved and I hope you all had as beautiful day as we did.


Violet & Rose said...

What! You've done three posts! You're too good. Sounds like a good day, mother bird. See you tommorrow, with an apple something in hand.

Violet & Rose said...

BTW, we always go to Cook Book Kitchen, but will have to venture further up the road, it seems ...

dizzyjadey said...

That's a real cute & sweet poem! You must be feeling proud...and so you should with great kids :-)

Cathy said...

sounds like you had a gorgeous day, even though your mum wasn't there. I love Ella's poem - wait until I show you Ciaran's card!!!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

please come to our meet lovely bluebird! all the mummies will be there! xx pip

Jo said...

Your mothers day sounds perfect!! Your kids are so sweet. I love the 'old' line. How cute.

little women said...

I had made sausage rolls for dinner on mothers day and my youngest daughter told me ( lovingly!) that I was lovely and fat just like her sausage roll!! - It was a compliment I am sure.