Wednesday, 16 May 2007


Jo came for morning tea this week. I had promised her my Very Special Lemon Slice.

When I first saw the title of this slice, I wondered why this lemon slice was called Very Special Lemon Slice? As I made it, it all became clear. Read on.

Very Special Lemon Slice
250g unsalted butter, softened
85g icing sugar
2 1/2 c plain flour, sifted
4 lemons
4 eggs
400g caster sugar
1 tsp baking powder

Grease and line base of a 4cm deep 30cm x 20cm slice pan. Heat oven to 170'C
Place butter and icing sugar in a food processor and process until combined.
Add 2 cups of the flour and process until the mix comes together in a ball.
Press into the base of the pan. Bake 15 mins and then cool.
Finely grate rind from 2 of the lemons, juice all 4 (90ml)
Whisk together eggs and caster sugar in a large bowl until well combined. Add remaining flour and the baking powder, rind and juice. Whisk gently to combine. Pour mix over cooled base and return to the oven for 30 mins or until top is set and golden. Cool in pan and cut into slices. Dust with extra icing sugar to serve.

As Jo said, anything with that quantity of butter, sugar and eggs has to be special. You have no idea how good this tastes. It draws a full attendance at my sewing circle if I annouce it's intended presence. Next time your hips are looking a little too lean, this is a sure cure. Enjoy!


shannon said...

ooohhhh, mrs Jo is correct - has to be good with all that butter!! yummo.

Violet & Rose said...

Is there any left? Can I come back and just eat it quickly and then go? Of course, how silly am I. As if there would be any left.

Kylie said...

Oh thanks for that - I will have to give it a try - my hips are always a little lean!

h&b said...

oooh, yummy .. will have to bookmark this ...

mariannealice said...

I need some of this after my run today....feeling rather lean and stretched! Go the butter, sugar and eggs!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh yikes! How delicious.. I will make some this morning! Look at it.. all gleaming and crumbly and sugary and powdery! Thanks for sharing your (secret) recipe!
looking forward to meeting you Monday week!

Jessicah said...

I think I love this recipie and coincidently picked up some lemons with the intention of making it today! Was planning on calling Mum for her recipie but might try this one instead!

DOT said...

This is a very refined form of torture and I speak as one who rarely has a pud! Today's word is droool.