Tuesday, 19 June 2007


A couple of weeks ago Pip organised a bit of a get together with some craft bloggers. I have only just now got around to telling you about the wonderful time I had.
I was very excited to be there. Marianne and I finally met, after swapping so many emails whilst she was designing my labels. Allison and Shannon were also there. It was no real surprise how much we all had in common and great to see each other's products; Shannon's fabric (and her very charming girls) Allison's gorgeous and almost-famous tea towels and later Pip's shop. Pip even took some ribbons for her shop. Thank you Pip. I do hope they sell well. (So, if you live in Melbourne and you're after the ribbons head to "Meet me at Mikes". I see someone has bought a pair already.

Here is that tea towel. Oh, I do love it. I always remember my mum counting to ten under her breath when we were giving her grief (I never ever remember her yelling!!!). This tea towel gives me that same feeling; yes the kids are about to kill each other, yes the dinner is burning, yes the phone is ringing and it's a telemarketer and yes the baby has a dirty nappy. But what will you do...that's right...keep calm and carry on.
When I showed my husband he thought I needed to work on the keep calm part but said I was already very good at the carrying on bit. Sadly, I think he meant the pork chop kind of carry on, not the persevering kind. Oh well, always room for improvement.

Nice to meet you all girls.


Cathy said...

Tam, you won't believe it, but I bought that same tea towel last week. I had seen it ages ago and wanted one and then I finally did through Lark. G said much the same as S.

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Your lovely ribbons are all sold out Miss! xx