Monday, 9 July 2007


We would like you to meet the two new additions to our family; Harriet and Milly. The papa of the house has been building a portable hen house for a few weekends now. Today it finally got some occupants.

All three kids were very excited and I don't think those chooks have known what has hit them. Edward followed them around all day, cross country through the garden, bluestone and all. Thankfully the chooks are the moment.
This is Harriet, she is Ella's.

This is Milly, yes she is running.

This is their home. Not bad for a suburban backyard.

We are looking forward to our first organic, fresh layed eggs.

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h&b said...

We had chickens growing up. We used to trade fresh eggs & veges with the fisherman next door.

Your pictures are so cute ( and so are your hens ), but I must admit our chickens annoyed us, and they'd sometimes cake massive amounts of poo all over the eggs if they were broody, in the hope we'd leave them be. Gross.

After seeing your pics though, I think I could handle but two :)