Wednesday, 11 July 2007


My husband bought these two CD's for Ella's birthday. How could he resist the first one?...even if is was just for the cover. Gorgeous jazz music.

The other is a kids CD put out by Putamayo. Putamayo is a music store in New York. They put together compilations of world music. The company's motto is "guaranteed to make you feel good". We already have one of their other CD's. This one is made for kids. Little kids and big kids alike will love it. Our whole family was dancing around the lounge room the first night that we brought it home. It has very catchy tunes, a blues version of Old MacDonald, and lots of songs for harmonising to (not that I can, but I do like to try!)

And look, that's Kate in her nightie, gumboots and jacket, giving the chooks their porridge for the morning. Chooks like porridge you know!


Tanja said...

Thank you for commenting my blog! It is always so nice to have new visitors! And so was nice to find your beautiful and interesting blog. You seem to be very talented - your daughters' clothes you made are so lovely!

janet clare said...

I remember my sister and I having nighties like those! So sweet.
Sleeping in a flannel nightie under a pile of heavy blankets and sheets...bliss!

belleandboo said...

Those nighties are gorgeous, your little girls look just like Wendy from Peter Pan.

Majeak Ann said...

I adore Putumayo music, but what attracts me the most are their covers. Didn't know they have for kids too!
Thanks for sharing...
Greetings from the Caribbean!
Marjorie Ann