Monday, 23 July 2007


It's a bit of a cheat's post, this one. I thought I would share with you a few of the sites I love to visit for inspiration and just to see some gorgeousness.

Children's Wear
meli meli - beautiful children's wear
room seven - more beautiful children's wear
flora and henri even more childrens's wear (found via Jane and the Ducks)

Children's Activities
kids craft weekly
wondertime - found via soule mama, Kate enjoyed some of their printables during Ed's nap time today
little elephants
playground finder - for those of you in Australia, this is a great site

Some blogs that aren't on everyone's bloglines (or at least most of the ones I read):
how about orange - wow, this girl is generous with her tutorials, ideas and links.
absolutely beautiful things - I love all that style, her links to other beautiful websites and the time she spends sourcing it all.

And, speaking of sharing, I would love your tips and advise. Our family is visiting my parents in England later this year. We are also spending three weeks driving around France; Bordeaux, Loire Valley and then.... five days in Paris WITHOUT THE KIDS. I would love any suggestions you have to offer on travelling with kids (long haul), travelling around France and lastly Paris. My parents are taking care of planning our activities whilst in England. We are all getting very excited


Veronique said...

How exciting to discover such a lovely blog as yours! -- I have family in Europe and will definitely pinch your two-wall-clocks idea.

For your long flights, you might like to read a post I did ages ago about how to travel with kids in tow.

Belinda said...

Number 1 - make sure you order a kids meal. We travel a bit, I work for an airline. So we always get the kids to do a journal. Be it some drawings (3yr old) or a couple of lines on what we did that day and some pics (8yr old). I normally buy a project book and we cover it with cut out pics from travel brochures depending on the destination then cover in contact. I normally have to pull my oldest out of school, we travel standby. So it's a great way to keep him in the swing of things school wise while we are away as I prefer not to take work from school.

Ali said...

France with children is an absolute delight. We've just come back from Bordeaux and had the most relaxing time. It's child friendly without being a kid-orientated nightmare.

And big trips with kids - mine really appreciate having their own backpacks filled with new books, notebook, pencils and some small quiet toys and games. They've saved our sanity on more than one occasion.

Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Bron said...

Hi Tamara Your trip sounds like its going to be fantastic! Jealous Jealous! Make sure you get a chocolate (Nutella?) crepe from a street stall in Paris Yummo. Thanks for signing up with me for PIF - can I have your address please to send gift (my email is
Cheers, Bron

Jo said...

Thanks for sharing those great sites. I love being directed to new and inspiring places. You must be so excited about your planned trip. How exciting. I am soooo jealous I cant tell you. I've always wanted to go to the Loire Valley - they make the best goats cheese there and I would definately be tasting some Sauternes in Bordeaux.

Kristy said...

Whenever we travel long distances I always buy a stash of little presents and wrap them.When things start getting a little tetchy I bring out a present and it keeps them busy for a while.
They always have a rucksack of their own with pens and paper and usually a few little toys.Stickers and books too!