Thursday, 6 December 2007


Colour really makes me tick. All of the jobs I have ever had (besides the front counter at McDonald's) have involved colour. The past few days I have had some real colour treats.

Firstly a package arrived from the US. I finally got my Mother's Day present (better late than never). My mum was in the US a few weeks ago and she sent it over. She also popped in the box some gorgeous little treats from Martha Stewart's new range at
Michael's .

With my new spool organiser I have turned this

into this.

Hmm, much better! Of course the best part was arranging the colours

Then I had went to a special dinner for my birthday. I wore a new dress. What a perfect match these shoes are. Unfortunately, they belong to my gorgeous neighbour, but she was kind enough to lend them to me for the night. Now I just have to get my own pair.

Thirdly, another little birthday treat, these gorgeous balls, in my colours. My sewing circle girlfriends through a birthday brunch. It's nice to feel spoilt. Lots of fun was had.


Violet & Rose said...

Hey Birthday Girl! I hope it was a happy one for you.

ButterflyKisses said...

I didn't know it was your birthday. Looks like you had a happy the shoes too!
PS. I placed an order on Ella and Kate for some baby bows. Couldn't resist!

Jodie said...

Happy Birthday - that spool stand photo needs to be made into a card - its gorgeous!!

dizzyjadey said...

Just managed to get on the computer now....belated happy birthday! And such lovely goodies you got. I love your wooden thread spool stand.