Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Best Mama in the World

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that count.

It is funny how you can go to so much effort to make some things, only to have them unappreciated.

And then you can make something very simple and suddenly you win the title. Take some ribbon, spend two seconds at the machine to attach a few clips.

Well I have won it. The Best Mama in the World. Over and over again, with matching lanyard ribbons for my girls new electronic gadgets.

So simple.


Christie said...

Nice work, hope they spoil you on Sunday!

Ali said...

Oh, I can see how those might hit the spot! Fab.

evashouse said...

I know thatt feeling! I love the dinosaur scarf. My boys adore cocrodiles, so maybe it's time to do something for them...
Thanks for your sweet words, I'm just trying to do everything right, and managing to have everyone's happy ;)