Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers out there.

For us Mother's Day and Father's Day has become a whole weekend celebration. It seems there is too much celebrating to do for just one day. And the children simply cannot wait until Sunday to give their cards and presents. So we do cards and presents by the fire on Friday evening,out for breakfast on Saturday (without the crowds), breakfast-in-bed on Sunday and then a special day visiting the Grandmas.

I have been truly spoilt by my three chicks this Mother's Day. How wonderful to feel so loved. I am so grateful on Mother's Day to be a mother of three gorgeous children and to have a great guy who helps me and loves me along the way.

This year, my in-laws were away for the weekend and with my parents living in England, it was a quieter Mother's Day. So we decided to invite our elderly neighbour in for afternoon tea.

Marj is such a gem. I do not know what we would do with out her. She helps out our family in so many many little ways. We reciprocate by helping her out with all of the little odd jobs around her house, nailing the odd fence paling, checking her gutters etc.

Marj comes and sits in my house if my children are asleep at school pick up time, she lets Edward go into her house if it is raining at drop-off time and if ever I need her she is always there, at the drop of a hat...just helping out with the little things which make such a difference to my day. And, she loves my children dearly. So it was only fitting that we invite our 'adopted Grandma' in for a little afternoon tea.

We pulled out my special china, which was a gift from my Grandma, and my beautiful tablecloth, embroidered by my other Grandma, and I attempted to make scones (I do not have a light hand). What a fun afternoon tea we all had, playing ladies.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like you are blessed with a wonderful neighbour! Your high tea looks lovely - isn't it nice to mark these occasions by using all your special homewares. Glad to hear your Mothers Day was fabulous.

Corrie said...

oh what a sweet neighbour and what a lovely afternoon tea...we had fabulous neighbours in sydney who we'd pop in and see and chat too nearly every day and you really miss it when you don't have it!

it all looks lovely and she looks like a sweet adopted grandma


Bec said...

What a wonderful post. People like Marj are so special aren't they! Your 'tea party' table looks lovely. How fun, playing ladies..he he...

Tania - Jet Designs said...

Oooh - I just found your blog - through Lisa & Sarah @ A spoonful of sugar - I haven't read far but already in love with you wares as my daughter's name is Ella Cate!! - how wonderful

Louise said...

How fabulous to have such a lovely neighbour and what a nice gesture to have afternoon tea with her. The scones look pretty good to me and everything else looks wonderful. I'm sure she loved spending the afternoon with your beautiful girls.