Tuesday, 13 May 2008

My Mum

This was my first Mother's Day without my mum around. I really did miss her. Still, I don't feel too sorry for myself, we still get to see her, talk to her and she can still watch my children grow up. Recently, a few of my friends have lost their mothers and I remind myself of that when I am missing her.

My mum is such an inspirational mother who has set the most perfect example of how to mother. I think I have already mentioned that I can never remember her yelling. With four children I consider that to be an amazing show of self-control because I know we pushed her buttons!

She has shown me and my siblings such amazing characteristics to aspire to. Some of my mothers strengths are her selflessness when it comes to others especially her family, empathy and a being great listener, never having a whinge(!!!) a great cook and seamstress and a great shopper (although some would call this a weakness). I seem to have inherited her latter characteristics rather than her more noble ones.

Mum just sent me this photo of her and me. I hadn't seen it before as it was at my Granmas. I tend not to think of my mum at my age, being a mother for the first time. To me she has always been the all knowing, all wise mother of four she is today. Looking at this photo I felt like it was me sitting there holding Ella. I felt like I knew just how she was feeling, full of love, inexperience, enthusiasm and the best of intentions of how you will raise your child. I love it!

Happy Mother's Day mum.


Cass said...

Excellent photo of you and your mum

Leigh said...

Hi Tamara,
I read your newest blog and my heart hurt. In a good way. Its great to see people appreciate their mothers to the extent that you do. I am about to lose mine through cancer far too young and far too soon. I would give anything to spend more time with her but this is the hand dealt and it must be accepted. I will miss her everyday but will learn from her for the rest of my life! Love your mums, they can never be replaced! Love Leigh xx (mothers group)

Corrie said...

oh you look like your mum! I see the resemblance and you're right it is kind of funny to see them as young and new mummies!


Ruth said...

Aww.. such a sweet photo :-)