Wednesday, 23 July 2008

What Does Your Morning Look Like?

Here's a little baby one, two three
Sits in his highchair, what does he see?
He sees his mother pouring hot porrige in a bowl
And his father at the doorway with a bucketful of coal

from Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

I think of this poem, from one of our favourite books, as I pour hot porrige into our bowls each morning.

Being not a very good morning person my creativity hasn't kicked in by breakfast time. Our breakfasts are healthy but simple. (We do venture out a little on the weekends - after a good sleep-in.)

I can't quite ever believe those talented girls who managed to come up with a year's worth of different images, every morning. Day in, day out our's would look pretty similar to this.

It is a nice image though. What does your morning look like?


Jodie said...

Our mornings are rush rush rush - eat on the go, get in line for the shower type mornings.
I just had to say that Peepo was Miss now-almost-seventeen's favourite ever book - thankyou for helping me remember it

Kelly McClorey said...

3 cute bowls! are they bunnies running round? porridge is big favourite here too but not right now...too warm (dare i say summer has arrived in england?!)

this morning ours looks like soda bread with norfolk raspberry jam : )

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love how your image captured the steam rising off the hot porridge - perfect for these chilly mornings! We eat toast and cereal in our home, on the weekends we are more adventurous!

Peta said...

It certainly looks more appetising than our breakfast - the same thing every day, weetbix and cold milk. My kids won't eat anything else.

Ali said...

Bunnykins X 3? Looks pretty good to me!

Louise said...

We love a bit of porridge in our house - with vanilla and cinnamon - yum!

h&b said...

They are good, those girls, aren't they ?

I tried the 365-Days group over at flickr, and quit within the month *ahem*. Very bad.

Peepo is gorgeous, but our favourite is 'The Little Cat Baby'.
So much to see in those illustations and endearing text - *swoon*

13mimosa said...

Our mornings are the same as yours although eaten from one Dora and one Nemo bowl. We also indulge in a little maple syrup on top. Ella says she likes porridge when it's cold because it warms her tum.

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

This image reminds me of Goldilocks and 3 bears. We love that story in our house, but my little girl always wants to know just where it is that Goddilocks ran off to. That's a story crying out for a sequel!

Lesley said...

A new blogger and also new to your site! what a lovely find its just filled a very enjoyable hour catching up on your posts thank you :-) I love the 3191 pictures link so thank you for that as well! Lesley x

monica said...

yummy porridge! None of my children like it...

Normally it's my husband that feeds the boy in the morning whilst I shower. I just clear the mess afterward!!