Sunday, 24 August 2008

My Other Breakfast

OK, so my morning routine does vary occasionally. There is another option; toast.

This is how I like my toast, with vegemite and walnuts. An unusual but delicious and nutritious combination that my Grandpa taught me. You aren't allowed to turn your nose up until you try it!

I am off to visit my wonderful grandparents this week. Eddie and I are off on a bus, plane and a train for a little adventure to the Blue Mountains. Along the way we are catching up with Ingrid and her gorgeous two little ones.

I am most excited about it all!

Enjoy your week.


Louise said...

My Dad used to eat this as a sandwich. I must ask him if he still likes it!!

Kelly McClorey said...

i will try! it'll have to marmite though (which i love with peanut butter) x

Alan said...

Say Hi to Grandpa for me, please.

Annie said...

Have a lovely holiday - I think I may have met a friend of yours.

Hannah said...

I did wrinkle my nose when I first read this, but I will give it a try... I promise! I hope you enjoy your trip! Can't wait to hear about it!