Sunday, 10 August 2008

Organised - Part Two


This Sunday night's task was to organise our photos in to photo albums. Hmmm, the type of task I have been meaning to do for about three years, the type of task I don't actually enjoy doing and the type of task that I know will feel soooo good when it is finally complete.

I actually feel pretty chuffed that I have managed to sort the photos for printing, print them AND purchase three photos albums.

But instead, I am sitting here checking my growing list of bloglines and writing this post. I am such a wonderful procrastinator.

As another addition to my posts on organising, here is a little brainwave I came up with. The Bits and Pieces Box.

It's for all of the bits and pieces you find lying around that belong to games once played, jigsaws once put together or polly pockets once dressed. All those annoying bits you find after the tidying up has been done. Rather than digging out the box they belong to and putting them away, which takes too much effort for me, these pieces go into this box. Safe and sound for next time. And I particularly love using this Huggies box for this purpose because of it's little opening. It's sort of a one way hole.

So, there you have it. A little attempt to make life simpler and sweeter. Now, on to those photos.


mariannealice said...

You are a genius!I need one of these...Because not only do we have Polly Pocket, we have Very Small Lego pieces, Tiny My Little Pony pieces and those Teeny little magnetic ball and stick things that are great fun but forever escaping their box. And I have to admit, I'm one of those mamas that can't sleep properly if there is a bit missing from a set of anything.Now I'll have somewhere to store the 'found' bits until the next time it comes out...time and sanity saver I call it!

ingrid said...

Seriously, how do you think up this fabulous stuff!?!?!
I am going to get my own bits and pieces box asap. You are a genious.

I have tagged you for the Tree of Happiness Award. I hope you dont mind.

Lissy said...

That is such a great idea...I shall be gettign a bits & pieces box going as soon as possible too!

Anonymous said...
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