Monday, 11 August 2008

Simple Things - Tree of Happiness

Ingrid tagged me, for a meme I am happy to be tagged for. You see, gratefulness, as I have mentioned before, is a very important attribute in my books. I believe that it is only with a grateful heart that you can really achieve happiness. To be grateful is to see the glass half full, rather than half empty.

Everyday I feel grateful for these things. I will warn you, they are very basic but I think that without them happiness would be a search.

These things make me grateful;
1. Love in my life; from my man, my family and my friends.
2. A healthy family, nothing to be taken for granted.
3. Being able to feed my family enough food and healthy food and to cook each night what our hearts and stomachs desire.
4. Being able to keep my children and my house clean. OK,maybe this sounds a little obsessive. And don't think that I do always keep my house clean (you should see the floors right now!) but at least it is only my laziness stopping me; not illness or poor living conditions.
5. Time to do the things I love and spend it with the people I love. I would like a bit more of this though, pretty please.
6. Living in Australia because I truly believe this is the best country in the world and one of the reasons I have all of the above.

There are other little daily delights like these flowers, kisses and cuddles and cups of tea and chats with friends. They certainly put a smile on my dial, but the six points above can sometimes be taken for granted and for which I am very grateful.


berryberr said...

Great blog! Will check back often!

little women said...

In my 41st Year, I think that I have really and truley begun to accept that the simple things in life are always the best. Here, Here to being grateful for all that we have. - lovely friends included :)

Julia said...

It's always lovely to get a little insight into what's going on in your heart and mind. What a thing of beauty it is. J x