Monday, 5 January 2009

The Art of Taking Tea

This story all begins with Alison from Lark. Allison used to live in Cambridge, England, near where my parents now live. When chatting to her at Magnolia Square about our then planned trip to visit my parents, she said we must go to the beautiful town of Stamford, and make sure we visit the George Hotel.

Well Stamford was a beautiful town, as you can see from these photos, and The George was a magnificent hotel. The most lovely I have seen. We had afternoon tea in the lounge, by the fire. The girls sat up, using their best manners, eating lovely treats and sipping their hot chocolates.

After this lovely experience I so wanted to take the girls again to a proper afternoon tea back in Melbourne. Finding such a place proved difficult. The Windsor and such hotels do a high tea but I thought that this was a little too much for two chilren. Recently, I discovered that Chateau Yerring serves tea in their beautiful lounge room. So, last month when my mum was visitng, we went to morning tea again.

The story now ends with yet another afternoon tea that we enjoyed whilst on holidays last week. Once again at the recommendation of Allison. This time at Miss Kitty's Emporium in Red Hill. Having a Kitty ourselves we had to visit this place, and it was all as lovely as Alison had said; the wares, the china tea cups and the scones and jam and even old fashioned lolly jars. A little boy even enjoyed it! Thanks Allison


Corrie said...

Oh i could definitely live at miss kitty's!


smileykylie said...

Hi Tamara, Oh this is lovely, we love a good high tea. Now there's a few new options to try! Hope you're enjoying the holidays as much as us! :)Kylie

Kelly McClorey said...

how wonderfully surreal to see your photos of stamford! so many days spent there as a school girl for me...and lots of high teas at the george (in fact we still go!) it is such a special place. and what a special tradition you have created for your little ones in these experiences. miss kitty's looks quite a place too...i'd love to sip a hot chocolate there : )

wishing you a happy new year! (love the banner too by the way) xxx

Handmade in Israel said...

Miss Kitty's looks the best of all! How wonderful!

Top Bird said...

Wow - the George sounds amazing. Must check it out next time I'm in Cambridge. xx