Sunday, 4 January 2009

Little Birdies

A new header for the new year!

I had a version of this up at the end of last year, but it was pretty lame. I am much happier with this version, thanks to some helpful advice from Christie from Pigeon Pair and Michelle's post on her blog Leni and Rose.

As my little Ella and Kate business grows I have enlisted the help of two close friends to keep up with production. They both do an amazing job and I am so grateful to them for their commitment to Ella and Kate. Both these girls gave me these special treats last year...both know my love of birds.

From Janine, this gorgeous fabric. You know sometimes you see a creation that you feel is entirely a part of you, made for you? Well when I cast my eyes on this fabric I had that feeling. The colour, the bluebirds, the blossoms, I love it all and of course it has made the perfect header for my blog.

From Bec, this little bird house. I have so many places to put it, I thought hanging from the front porch would be lovely. Ella suggested a little birdie peeping through with a welcome sign in his beak...oh, I love that girl and her imagination. But for now, he sits on a cabinet with another little bird that I found in a gorgeous shop in Healesville called Morris and Brown.

And the last little birdie goodness to show you are these little Spool Sewing treasures, two are a gift from Kitty's wonderful teacher last year.

We had a wonderful beach break and are all totally relaxed and looking forward to the rest of the school holidays. Lots of posts buzzing around my head....stay tuned.

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Top Bird said...

Ahhh, nice to see some gorgeous birdies - love them. xx