Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Its a wrap

For 2008 at least. I know there is still a little bit more time before the end of the year, but for me, it's a wrap.

This afternoon I was taking photos of the girls' little beach tops that I have made and when I was finished my camera just kept on shooting. I couldn't resist taking pictures of my three little chicks as they dug and explored around our many hours of there life has that garden absorbed! This is a sight I have seen so many times before and yet each time brings great gladness to my heart.

As I walked up the back steps to come inside I was reminded of the photos I took at the beginning of the year on their first day of school together. Here I am snapping away on their last day.

Tomorrow we are off to the beach for a couple of weeks. Thank you to all my crafting friends reading this now, thank you for all of the lovely comments and conversations throughout the year. I look forward to my first post for 2009 when I know I will be brimming with ideas and inspiration.

little beach tops to match their bathers
Take care all xxx


Camera Girl said...

Beach clothing is so sweet and cute!

little women said...

Hey tam, aren't our girls big now!! Love the beach tops, what a great idea. hope you have a nice holiday:)

happy hoops said...

what beautiful beach tops! Enjoy the sunshine and have a nice break!

13mimosa said...

Belated merry christmas - hope you're enjoying your time at the beach - gorgeous clothes, as always.

Cathy said...

Hope you have a great holiday Tam!