Thursday, 29 January 2009

More Aprons

Aprons are such a lovely present. Practical, pretty and personal.

As well as Julie's apron, which has made it's way safely to it's destination.(By the way when she tried it on her little girl said 'mummy that's not an apron, it's a skirt!) I made this apron through the year for one of Kitty's closest friends. A girl who loves a little bit of colour.

Being modelled by my co-operative, but not-happy-about-it Kitty.

Hey, would anyone be happy in this ridiculous weather (five days above 40'C 104'F and today it is 43'C 109'F). Our house is no longer cool, despite an air conditioner and keeping the curtains all closed (which I hate).I cannot belive there is another two days of it. Whinge, whinge whinge. Ah that feels better.


Peta said...

What a gorgeous little apron. Whinge away, we're all doing it!!

13mimosa said...

Do tell me if you branch out into selling these - we'd grab two immediately!