Thursday, 29 January 2009

Me and the Post!

Or should I say the post and I?

One of my closest friends lives overseas. I have posted before about my terrible ability to send anything in the mail promptly. Her birthday gifts are no exception and every year they are late. Her birthday is in November. Last year I gave her a handmade bag in late December and this year I have finally managed to post her present in January. I am so sorry Julie.

I made a little apron this year out of a favourite fabric of mine. It is fully lined and reversible. I am loving the fabric combinations. I hope the fact that it is all handmade might make up for the fact that it is so late.

Next year I am putting a note in my diary in August to start planning and a reminder in October to post.

Or maybe you could move back home Jules!


Lin said...

It's lovely - the fabric combo is fantastic!

Kylie said...

The fabric looks great - I am sure that she will love it and forgive you. I am with you on the getting to the postoffice thing. I am hopeless as well - glad to hear that I am not alone

beth said...

I could eat that apron! Can you tell me where you source your fabric? Particularly online, if you do that is!

Cathy said...

very nice Tam!!! I have friends like that - we understand each other. I have that fabric in my stash - I almost used it yesterday. Please don't tell me that your lawn is that green!