Sunday, 15 March 2009

And You Think You Know Them

One of my WIPs that I MUST finish this year are the quilts for Ella and Kate's beds. As their doona covers are the same I thought it would be nice to have the quilt covers matching, but different. I started off using the some of the same fabrics in both quilts and then tailoring one quilt in the blue/pink/red direction and the other in the pink/orange/yellow direction.

To me it was obvious that Kate would have the blue/pink/red combo as I have always seen these as her colours. They sit well with her darker hair and lighter skin and match her personality which is a little more direct, and intense than her sister's.

Ella has always looked lovely in soft creamy tones and has more of a spring colourings. These colours also suit her more gentle personality. In my opinion!

Well, clearly they thought different because when I layed out the quilts the other day they both wanted the pink/blue/red. Nothing I could do would convince either of them that the orangey tones were lovely. I am torn. Do I combine the blocks and have all the colours in each quilt or stick to my guns and hope that when they are finished one of them will appreciate the orange/yellow tones. I really would like the quilts to be slightly different as their beds are the same otherwise.

I need your help here folks. What do you think?

Either way, I am going to need more fabric, so it is just as well that Amitie is having one of their grand sales this Friday. I will be making the most of my kiddie-free-time Friday morning and giving the girls a visit.


Christie said...

combine them

they will still look fantastic & my fear would be that if you don't there will be tears!

Cathy said...

I think combine them too and then change the backing to make them their own!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I would probably give them both a quilt in the blue/red/pink colourway but use a different border fabric, binding, and backing on each so they are the same but different! That way you will have two happy girls who both get the quilt of their dreams!

clare said...

You poor thing it is a dilema ! I'd probably combine them . They look beautiful anyway .
clares craftroom

Kristine said...

You make such pretty quilts Tamara. The last thing you want is an unwanted quilt after all the work has gone into it, or fights over the preferred quilt.

I like the idea of different binding and backing. Either way, the quilts are a lovely project to buy more fabric for.

Louise said...

Tamara they are absolutely gorgeous but I would most definitely combine them and make both girls happy. Why don't you do something with a particular block that makes it their very own. Like a little bit of embroidery or something. Then a different back and a different binding will be perfect. They are going to be so lovely.

Melinda said...

Hmm - don't you hate it when your kids do that with something you've already started! I think I would be inclined to go with what they want. It would be devastating to finish it and have only one of them happy with it. I think matching things for sisters are so cute too! I always avoid showing my 4 yo son anything I'm making until it is absolutely finished because he always suggests ways it could be 'improved'!

Eva's House said...

I left you a message but it doesn't appear, strange... I think you have to combine them, they are really lovely. I've never done quilt before, but seeing what are you doing makes envy to begin! Tell me, are you coming soon to Europe? I would love to spend hours talking with you, sharing a tea, a coffee and chocolate of course!

Duyvken said...

That is a tough one! I would be tempted to give them what they want but make one quilt lean more towards blue and the only lean more towards red. They'd be different but would answer the girl's desire to both have a blue/red/pink quilt.
The orange/yellow/pink quilt also looks lovely - so you can finish that one and just send it to my house :-)

Are you doing a lantern pattern?

Good luck and enjoy your child-free time at the fabric store?

Anonymous said...

Oh Tam, I love Ella's colours! I think it is an overwhelming vote that they should be combined. I do agree with a different backing/binding. This is what I did with the boys quilts, but I must admit I didn't give them a choice I just presented them with their keepsake! Anyway, they are both really beautiful quilts.

Rach (de-luking just for a monent!)

Pink Lady Bug said...

I would say combine them. I think they would have been beautiful anyway, but this way both girls will be happy with their quilts.