Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Luckiest

Last year I posted about a simple little gift that I made for the girls and for which I was awarded the title the best Mama in the world. Well after this little gift, I felt like the luckiest Mama in the world.

With school starting back we have had information evenings for each of the girl's classes. Each parent sits in their child's chair while the teachers explain about the curriculum and plans for the year. In Ella's class every child had written their parent a note. At Ella's desk was a note and this beautiful arrangement of follage that she had picked at lunch time. All beautifully presented in her own little 'vase'. To top it off she had kept one of her jam drops from morning tea for me to nibble on. How proud was I, especially when the teacher pointed out her creation. "That is Ella" is what I replied.

And honestly, it's Ella through and through! That girl's kindness, thoughfullness and creativity are inspirational. She has the sweetest heart. In almost all of her classes, each year, she has managed to implement some act of kindness that the whole class then adopts. Be it notes of encouragment to classmates, flowers for the teacher or the such. In this world that places such value on material acheivements I feel so privledge to be the parent of this child who places such a value on people.


trashalou said...

A thoughtful child. Long may it last.

Violet & Rose said...

She is a gorgeous girl, she takes after her Mum. X

Christie said...

you should be very proud of her, & of you too, good work!