Sunday, 14 June 2009

We Are All About Food

I have always enjoyed cooking but just of late I am really really enjoying it.

Maybe it was the chaos of a house with toddlers or the nauseousness of pregnancies but over the past few years I kind of lost the passion for cooking. Well, over the past few months it has been reignited.

I have really been enjoying cooking dinners once again. And I can honestly say that most nights I enjoy the whole process of putting the meal on the table.

And, we are all loving Masterchef. It has become a whole family affair with all five of us sitting down to enjoy it. I think this is a wonderful thing for children. It certainly is sparking lots of new conversations with the girls about food and cooking. How good is that!

My little spark of passion is now in danger of burning down the kitchen after this weekend! Hubby and I spend the most indulgent weekend in the Barossa Valley. Not having travelled around South Australia before, I really didn't realise how beautiful it was. We kind of ate and tasted our way around the valley, breakfast here, lunch here and dinner at this place (with lots of lovely courses). I picked up a fantastic food magazine called Sumptuous, jam packed with healthy, delicious food and recipe books from Maggie Beer who captures that fresh, farm produce style of cooking so well.

image courtesy of Schutz Barossa

So I am really looking forward to trying new recipes, developing a few more food skills and getting my children a lot more involved in the preparation.

Yep, we're all about food round here.


Cosy said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Although I've been to the Barossa many times, I've never been to Maggie's. Must do it sometime soon!

Another fave area is the Clare Valley with lots of wineries and many, many places to eat. Ahhh...

Catherine said...

Oh what a lovely weekend to have, looks and sounds just so relaxing. We all are fans of Master Chef in our house, my Miss 9 loves recipes she now has her own folder full of recipes she has collected from magazines. Holidays will be busy cooking I think! :)

little birds fly said...

sounds like a beautiful weekend :) I know what you mean about rediscovering the joys of food when your kids are a little older...more time to cook, more time to enjoy it instead of racing to make dinner while the baby cries...I'm just getting out of the woods now. Love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Tam, we are also loving Masterchef. I might just add that it's not only the girls who are loving it but no.1 Boy in our house is as we speak sifting through a cookbook for a tempting slice recipe!!! Bring on the next Ben Donoghue!!!


Louise said...

That trip sounds fantastic and the thought of staying in a place called 'The Louise' is most tempting. We are all huge fans of Master Chef here too and Gary the judge is a Dad at our school so the kids love watching him.