Sunday, 21 June 2009

Crazy Cousin 2

Last weekend's blissful retreat was made possible by a great-big-cousin-swap. My husband (who prefers to be nameless on this blog!) has only one sibling (as opposed to me, who has three), but she has three children. Her three are the within months of the same age as my three and it has been so good watching them grow up together.

When we found some super-cheap flights to Adelaide, we knew the only way to get away without kids was this arrangement that we came to. We booked our flights for one weekend and their flights the next. Each alternate weekend the other couple had a crazy house of six kids...exhausting but fun.

I have produced masses of food this weekend, which the older girls have helped me with; roast chicken with Maggie's verjuice, pear tart,lasagna that the girls assembled and chocolate meringues and hubby just made a delicious risotto with homemade stock from the chickens. The six kids have really all entertained each other and it has been such a great weekend.

I think we will need to make this an annual event! Well worth the effort for all involved.


ingrid said...

It sounds lovely! Good family and family fun make a perfect weekend!

Karen said...

Sounds like great fun - maybe next year plan it so you have the relaxing weekend away after the houseful of six kids!

Trudy Callan said...

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