Thursday, 25 June 2009

Slowing down and slow cooking

I Loooove school holidays and they are here! I let out a big hooray as we walked home this afternoon, two weeks of sleep-ins, free play, pancakes in the morning, no rousing kids out the door and just enjoying my three gorgeous kids.


I have this leg of lamb slow cooking in the oven (I ran out of bakers twine so I am hoping my quilting thread holds the garlic and rosemary in. And if you are vegetarian I am sorry, this pic probably makes your squeamy!), a bottle of red open and we're kicking back for a bit of R'n'R.

We are planning on celebrating Ella's birthday, a bit of sewing, lots of cooking and you might even see a post or two. No promises though, it's going to be two weeks of no commitment....bliss!

Are you on holidays? What are you folk all up to?


Duyvken said...

No hols here yet but just a couple more weeks and then we'll also be kicking back!

little birds fly said...

sounds lovely! we are on summer school holiday here and it just stopped beach, here we come! i'm with you, no commitments during gets too busy and you need to just STOP every once in a while and enjoy :)

Cathy said...

was it yummy? Enjoy your break and Ella's birthday! Where have the last nine years gone?

Jade said...

It all sounds so lovely and homey. I'm so jealous! Our next stay-at-home holiday won't be for months yet. Hope the lamb turned out nice.