Sunday, 5 July 2009


This week Ella turned nine. Nine! Where have the years gone. She has grown up so much in the past year or so and we are so very very proud of the gorgeous girl she is becoming.


That beautiful personality that we saw from such a young age is truly blossoming.


And nine means a big girl haircut. Apparently 'layers and a side fringe' classify as a big girl haircut. Growing up I say!

And, how gorgeous is that coat! My brother and sister-in-law, (the same one who bought her the gorgeous Burberry dress) bought her this beautiful vintage coat. It suits her to a T.


Cathy said...

Time has flown Tam, it only seemed like yesterday you couldn't keep the smile off your face when you were first pregnant with Ella!!! Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl!!! That must mean my baby is 9 this year too!

~ Kim ~ said...

What a beautiful coat. Those curls are fabulous. Happy 9th Birthday!

Violet and Rose said...

Nine. But ah, yes, wait until next year!

Happy Birthday Miss Ella.

Louise said...

Oh layers and side fringe are definitely for the big girls about town. She is really a beauty - Happy 9th Birthday!!

little birds fly said...

Happy Birthday Ella! What a beautiful girl!!!! My daughter Mia turned 13 about a month ago and we did the same thing...grownup haircut with the layers and side swept bangs...soooo chic!

Lin said...

She looks like a young Grace Kelly - very classic!