Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tools vs Skills

I recently bought a new lens for my Cannon DSLR. An EF 50mm 1.8, and for around $130, it was worth every cent. If you have a DSLR and don't have a prime lens, I thoroughly recommend it. It gives that lovely blurry background (bokeh). You can read more about it in Jo's great post on her camera equipment and accessories.

When it comes to photography though, it can be tempting to think that a better lens or accessory will make you a great photographer. To an extent this is true. However, I am always amazed at the photos my youngest brother takes, and he has the same camera and lens as me! He is self-taught, but really very talented. He is always there to answer my questions and has passed on a lot of knowledge to me. I am amazed when we both take our cameras to a family event, his photos are always so much better. I guess this proves, it isn't so much the camera, but the photographer. So this holidays I decided to work on my skills. I spent a little more time exploring my camera and it's capabilities. I took hundreds of photos, was happy with quite a few but absolutely thrilled with one or two.



One day on our holiday we went on the Mornington Steam Railway. Inside the carriages was the most beautiful light. I went a little crazy snapping away, but I got some good ones. That was an interesting lesson. Taking the time to pay attention to light is something I still need to master. I found this post very helpful as well.

Of all the photos I took, this one is my favourite. Ella

So of course, still lots to learn. But really, what a fun thing it is to practice.


life and the memoirs said...

What gorgeous shots Tamara! So precious. I'm planning to purchase a DSLR in the near future. I was looking at the Canon EOS. Am interested in which Canon DSLR you are using. I'm so looking forward to the day I make my new camera purchase :)

Amanda said...

What beautiful photos! I love the third one too - the light on your daughter's face is magical :)

13mimosa said...

That one of E is GORGEOUS - I love that look. I didn't even understand most of what you wrote, but I like the results! I think I like that one so much because he's so in focus and background is blurring - is that what that lens is about, or how do you get that look. I have a 4 hour class included with my new camera that I must get around to donig - but would love that fuzzy background tip!

Kristine said...

I can see why that's your favourite photo. It's truly brilliant. I'd put that in a frame or on a wall for sure.

I too, have a lot to learn about my SLR. I also bought the same lens you mentioned as I love that short depth of field.

I'm doing a camera course in Feb, because I'm too time poor to read the instruction manual.

King Alan said...

Hey sis. Thanks for the kind words, but you have some amazing photos there, especially that one of Ed. I think you really managed to capture his cheekiness. Excellent photos.