Sunday, 10 January 2010

Little French Girl

The minute I saw this Paris Street Scene fabric on tuttifruiti's blog blog I was in love. I managed to find some at Kelani and have enjoyed planning and sewing this dress for Kate.

It is no secret I love dressing up my girls.

When we were travelling around France the girls always looked lovely, wearing skirts and pretty tops. I remember as we were walking through Paris one day, hearing a couple say ooh, les petite filles as they passed the by. It put a smile on my face.

The fabric reminded me of that wonderful trip. I thought the dress should be very simple, very 1950's, a classic sundress.

Kate's new dress

Kate's new dress
I used a pattern that my mum had used to sew me a dress when I was little, which felt nice to do. I love the shaping at the top and the binding breaks up the colour, just perfectly.

Kate's new dress

And, she absolutely loves it!


When I was posting these photos I remembered this dress that I made for Kate when my blog has just begun. How she has grown!


Amanda said...

Hi Tamara, what a gorgeous dress you made Kate! I love the simple style, especially with the little bit of binding and I love the fabric! I was just thinking about how much your daughter had grown since I started reading your blog too - she is a real young lady now :)

Kat said...

This is gorgeous! I love the fabric. The pink piping really brings out the pink in the pattern.

thornberry said...

Kate's dress is absolutely perfect! What a delightful marriage of style and fabric - and your daughter is just beautiful. Lovely work Tamara (now I'm off to stalk the fabric.....)

Julia said...

Wow - what a beautiful dress for a gorgeous girl. Both are so pretty!

Christie said...


that dress is divine (as is your daughter) how could she not love it- i want one in my size!!

~ Kim ~ said...

Beautiful!!!! Love the colour too.

Violet and Rose said...

Tres jolie Mademoiselle Kate!

And who is that little girl from the past post? Look at her now! Gorgeous dress Tam, well done.

Cass said...

That dress is absolutely gorgeous

kelly said...

*le sigh*

such prettiness! warm days in summer frocks seems so far away from me now in snowy makes me happy to see your lovely dress today and so beautifully made. (and how special to use a family pattern.) kate looks so precious. i'd definitely want to skip along the streets of paris if i was wearing one! Xx

p.s. thank you so much for the fabric link and sweet comment's a wonderful print!

13mimosa said...

Oh Tamara that dress is gorgeous! Seriously you're so clever. I wish my skills were up to yours, I'm just not that clever. I too saw this material and imagined a skirt, but felt it so lovely couldn't imagine I'd do it justice. You should seriously expand Ella and Kate to include clothing!

Anonymous said...

Absolutley gorgeous dress, my 8 year old loves it too. I have made all my daughters dresses and skirts for this summer (at her request) but none of them are as devine as that one!
Kylie C

Elissa said...

Hi Tamara,

What a gorgeous dress! So lovely to see what you made from your purchase from us.. so inspirational!