Sunday, 10 January 2010

Summer Holidays

Every year our little clan heads to the Mornington Peninsula for our summer holidays. We have collected a few traditions along the way. Little things, that we always do. I hope that my children will look back on these times with very fond memories. Here are a few:

Fish and chips on the beach. No beach holiday is complete without this. This year we ate on the Dromana foreshore on a very hot night and followed it with a swim in the ocean, all five of us.

Dinner at Flinders. (The park near the pier) We always take a drive to Flinders and have either fish and chips or a BBQ. This year it was lamb chops, yum, followed by a walk on the pier.
Dinner at Flinders
Sailing. Of course, with Steve's little sabre. This year we decided Eddie was old enough to go out with him. How long he has waited for this time and how he enjoyed it!

Another little boat. This year we bought the kids an inflatable raft, $29 from Ray's! The best $29 we have spent. Many hours were spent this summer lazing about this super-comfortable boat. Ella would tie it to an anchor in the bay and we would lie out there, licking icy poles, reading magazines and falling asleep. Bliss.
Kate at the beach

Sorento back beach at low tide. Perfect for exploring rock pools, a favourite memory of my childhood. This year Ella went snorkeling in those beautiful deep pools.
Kate at Sorrento

Beach braids. I always braid the girls hair for the beach. It lies perfectly flat under a hat and keeps it as knot free as possible.
Beach Braids
Standard beach fare. As we are regular beach go-ers I have the whole beach routine down pat. My chicks always seem super-hungry at the beach and so I always make sure the esky is full. I make most of it the night before and then freeze it all. By the time we eat, it is perfectly defrosted. It is simple, but here is what we pack; peanut butter sandwiches (still partially frozen in how I like to eat them!) watermelon and grapes, a frozen juice each and jam drop biscuits.
Watermelon at the beach

It is nice to document all of these memories. I know I will enjoy reading back on them next year.


Violet and Rose said...

My girls would love the Ray's inflatable raft! Lovely memories.

Julia said...

Welcome home from what looks like a lovely holiday! We received your gorgeous package and were delighted with the pretty treats inside. Thank you so much! I have a little note to send you - would you mind emailing me your address? Many thanks, J x

13mimosa said...

Welcome home officially! Drop me a line with ideas on where you stay - do you rent a house? We are thinking of doing a stay late Feb but I've never found anywhere I've really fancied - although I've looked more the Red Hill, Flinders side.

PS Finally have an idea for those gorgeous fabrics we saw that you got me samples of - although I'm sure they'll be gone by now! I can't share it publicly though as the recipient is friend/reader.

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures of your holiday with us! I agree, no Australian summer holiday is complete without fish and chips at the beach. Love all your little family traditions, especially the braided hair and frozen sandwiches. I'm sure your three will all look back with fond memories of their family holidays when they are bigger. Looking forward to more of your lovely blog in 2010 x